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"I have a whole universe in my mind."


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johanna dwenger

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Hi - my name is Johanna and I was born and raised in Hamburg, Germany. Now I'm living my best island life in Mallorca, Spain - also hopping back and forth between countries, cultures and languages.

My heart beats for authenticity and optimism, for passion and love. I love to travel, i love the feeling of complete freedom - the feeling of having my feet in the sand - the sun on my skin.

I am an artist, intuitively painting feelings on a canvas that speak to the heart. I am inspired by the little things in life - the sound of the ocean, the smell of summer, the feeling of a long, well-needed hug.

& I love to play with words. I love to create stories, create new worlds on paper. I love being creative, to express myself in different ways - through colors or words. Through paintings or texts. You are looking for a copywriter? Hit me up!

I also work energetically using the Emotion Code Method discovered by Dr. Bradley Nelson which helps you release trapped emotions inside your body that can cause unwellness.

If you wanna get in touch with me, feel free to send me an e-mail:

Looking forward to hearing from you: LET'S CONNECT!

THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for your time!

Johanna Dwenger

"What is done in love is done well."

Vincent van Gogh

Acryl on canvas | 80 x 80 cm

Es riecht nach sommer

555,00€ + shipping

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angel number 555

change - something new is coming

Acryl on canvas | 100 x 100 cm


666,00€ + shipping

angel number 666

Reflect - it's time to wake up to your higher spiritual self

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angel number 444

Protection - the universe is protecting you

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Acryl on canvas | 60 x 90 cm

cotton candy

444,00€ + shipping

angel number 444

Protection - the universe is protecting you

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Acryl on canvas | 80 x 100 cm


444,00€ + shipping

Acryl on canvas | 80 x 100 cm

Be kind to yourself

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Angel number 333

support - your spirit guides are around you sending you love and support

333,00€ + shipping

Acryl on canvas | 60 x 90 cm

You are loved


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Acryl on canvas | 80 x 100 cm

BUnter Sand


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endlessly thankful

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You are your home take care of yourself

find out more about dr. bradely nelosn here:

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Emotion Code

Dr. Bradley Nelson is an American doctor, chiropractor and teacher who discovered and developed the Emotion Code Method with which we are able to heal emotional wounds and physical discomfort - to let love back into our life. Because we all are love in its deepest form and deserve to live a life filled with exactly this: LOVE.

Trapped emotions can influence our thoughts, our relationships, the way we act. They can be the reason for pain, unwellness or even sickness. Emotional blockades can lead to our bodies not being perfectly balanced.

Trapped emotions can express itself as followed:

  • panic attacks
  • emotional outbursts
  • states of exhaustion
  • entrenched, negative behavior patterns
  • sleep disorders
  • self sabotage

there are obviously more "symptoms" than these, but these are the ones i decided to specialize and focus my work on

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There are often situations in life, in which we tend to ignore unpleasant feelings because we can't or don't want to feel them. This can lead to these emotions getting "stuck" inside our body which can then affect our body's natural energy flow.

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& here are some examples of when emotions can get trapped inside our body:

  • when we feel rejected, neglected, unloved or abandoned
  • in the event of the loss of a loved one ( e.g. divorce, break-up, death)
  • in case of a miscarriage or abortion
  • in case of financial difficulties
  • in relationship crises
  • in case of professional difficulties
  • with general challenges that life has in store
  • in the event of mental and/or physical trauma

As a certified Emotion Code Practitioner, I support you in releasing trapped emotions and finding your way back to a pain-free life full of ease and love. With the help of muscle testing and bioenergetic testing, we determine whether the symptoms are caused by negative, trapped emotions and what type of emotions they are.

It is not uncommon for us to build what is known as a heart wall to protect ourselves. This acts as a protective shield against these emotions stuck inside your body. With the help of the Emotion Code we can also dissolve the heart wall.

It fills my heart with infinite gratitude being able to support and help people like you through my work.

IMPORTANT: All Emotion Code sessions usually take place online, i.e. via FaceTime, ZOOM, etc.

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I look forward to getting to know you, to connect with you.

I would like to point out that I am not a doctor or naturopath. I make no promises of healing - give no diagnoses. The healing methods I offer do not replace medical treatment or therapy. They are a combination of spiritual and energetic work, as well as knowledge from ancient TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine)

The first Emotion Code session | 30-45 minutes | Price: 88,00€ incl. VAT

Every following session | ca. 15-30 minutes | Price: 55,00€ incl. VAT

"How you love yourself is how you teach others to love you."

rupi Kaur


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fun fact: people even compliment me on how I write emails because the way i write touches them deeply.

Are you looking for someone to write you blog posts, texts for your own website or scripts, e.g for your latest YouTube video?

I love words, I love to put visions, dreams, other worlds on paper. Touching people through words.

I look forward to creating new, amazing, meaningful projects with you - sharing new texts, new blog posts with the world.



I wrote an artikel about my work as an Emotion Code Practitioner published in StoryLane Magazine. Go check it out!

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for more personal insights


Sindy and Vera invited me to speak on their SUNDAY TALKS Podcasts. We talk about my work, my travels - about emotions.

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spanish version coming soon

... for the German version click here!

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